5 Things We’re Doing at Home

We now have reached two months staying home under the order in California. At first, it was really hard on us and I found myself having moments where I would cry, times I would need to sit and read my bible, and other days where I didn’t want to get out of bed. Fortunately, we slowly moved into what now is our new routine and have adjusted. And we have more time now to try new things.  So, here is the top 5 things we are doing together and may now be addicted to while staying at home. 




Number 5.  Creating a YouTube Channel   

Vanessa has been watching a lot of YouTube videos and she kept asking to start her own channel. It was something I had to think about for awhile, and I decided maybe we could do a channel together. We have been planning on how we want it to look, and there is a plethora of information available online on how to customize your channel. We decided to focus on what we know best – DISNEY! We just finished designing our banner and intro video, so I’m excited to keep applying new tricks we are learning.  




Number 4. Diamond Art 


My aunt has been doing diamond art for awhile, and Vanessa always asked if she could do one too.  It looked tedious and I kept putting this off, but now was the perfect time to try it out. We bought a few from Amazon and found them easy to do. It is like a paint by number but with colorful diamonds, and the mats are sticky so no glue required. The kit comes with everything you need to complete one.  We typically will sit in the later afternoon and work on our individual mats and chat about things. I still love hearing her opinion on everything that’s important to her right now. The pictures we picked have a lot of detail so it is taking a little longer than I expected, but Vanessa was able to complete a more simpler one in a night.  Looking to make your own diamond art to hang on the wall? Check out all the different ones at Amazon. You can find different kinds for the holidays and some really cool Disney ones. 




Number 3. American Girl Dolls 


Vanessa now owns three American Girl dolls and quite a bit of furniture and accessories. I have to give her credit for saving her money to buy a new doll she wanted. I had all the books, but never my own American Girl dolls as a young girl. I did want one though! But now I get to play with them as an adult. Vanessa sorta takes the lead on whether we are having a “pizza party” or “Mars mission”. Either way I’m grateful for this time to use my imagination again and make believe. We can all use a little bit more of that lately.  Need a doll? Check out American Girl Doll here. For more affordable options, Target has a lot of unique dolls as well. 



Number 2. Marvel Digital Comics


My brother got me tuned on to the Marvel movies. It didn’t take long for me to watch all the movies and some  of them I rewatch over and over again – Hello Thor!!!  At some point I wanted to really know more about the characters and was interested in reading Marvel comics. I live right next to a comic book store, but since everything is closed I needed to find a different way to reading them. Marvel does offer a large amount of their comics digitally, and they all seem to be about $3.99 per issue. My favorite comic book characters – Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Widow. Check out their digital comics here




Number 1. Animal Crossing – Pocket Camp 


And the top thing we are doing with our extra time right now is……Animal Crossing – Pocket Camp. Before we invested $60 in Animal Crossing – New Horizons, I wanted to make sure it would be a game we would enjoy and keep playing. Fortunately, there is Animal Crossing – Pocket Camp, which a free version was available for the iOS. And I will say we are addicted. We love catching fish in the river and ocean, planting and harvesting flowers, and designing and rearranging our campsite. Pocket Camp is less interactive than New Horizons and it does come with limitations, but it definitely won’t stop you from checking in with Tommy Nook in the morning for the latest fortune cookie or nighttime fishing at Saltwater Shores. The coolest part is the setting changes depending on the time of day and year. So, in the winter your campsite will be full of snow or the trees will look golden brown in the fall. In the evening time you will have a colorful purple and pink skies and rivers, and at night all the stars come out and the lights at the camp site turn on. We definitely are Animal Crossing fans now. 


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